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43 Step-By-Step Videos Reveal How To Plan, Create, Secure And Customize Your WordPress Website

Online WordPress Tutorials43 easy to follow video tutorials. These WordPress video tutorials will show you step-by-step all the basics as well as the shortcuts. These WordPress videos are exactly what you are looking for in order to learn WordPress online.

All these WordPress video tutorials were created with the absolute beginner in mind, very easy to understand without being technical.

Let me introduce to you the 43 WordPress video tutorials…

Video #1 – How To Organize & Backup Your Blog

WordPress Video TutorialIn video one you’re going to learn some very useful tips for organizing and backing up your blog files.

You never know what might happen, perhaps there’s a malfunction with your server’s mainframe computers and they lose all your information.

If you’ve taken the time to backup your files on a separate hard disk in an organized manner then it will be a cinch to get your blog back up and running. Also, having your blog information organized in a logical and accessible manner will allow you to update it hassle free.

Finally, you’ll learn some great habits to get into in respect to your domain name information. Our philosophy is that it’s information that’s better to have and not need than to need and not have.

Video #2 – Optimizing Your Blog For Keywords

WordPress Video Tutorial
Video two goes over the basics of internet keywords.

You’ll learn what exactly a keyword is, what a niche is, and whether your particular niche is worth tapping. With this information you’ll be able to “read the minds” of prospective buyers through keyword marketing.

In addition, you’ll learn to utilize two free keyword research tools that will give you an array of statistics on potential keywords. Once you start generating keywords it will be useful to know how to manage your keyword lists, which is also covered in the video.

Video #3 – Buying A Keyword-Optimized Domain Name

WordPress Video Tutorial
In video three you’ll learn how to choose a domain name keeping keywords in mind.

We’ll go step by step through the process of checking if your proposed name is available, as well as show you some tools that generate domain names for you by typing in desired keywords.

Finally, we’ll give you some tips on choosing a domain registrar.

Video #4 – Choosing A Web Hosting Service For Your Blog

WordPress Video Tutorial
In video four we’ll give you some useful tips on choosing a web hosting service as well as show you some great places to go to do your own research on web hosting companies.

We’ll then go over some of the plans many hosting companies offer. Finally, we’ll give you some helpful tips for what to do with your hosting information once you sign up with a company.

Video #5 – How To Change Domain Name Servers

WordPress Video Tutorial
Video five will show you step by step how to change your domain name servers from the registrar’s site to your hosting account.

We’ll then show you how to check and make sure you’ve set up everything properly.

Not doing this can have people going to your website with a default ‘parked server’ message on your site instead of them seeing what you have to offer!

Video #6 – Using FTP

WordPress Video Tutorial
Video six will give you a thorough explanation on how to find and download an FTP client.

Once you’ve decided on an FTP client we’ll then show you how to log onto your site through the FTP. Finally, we’ll show you where to look if you want to find out more about the capabilities of an FTP client.

Video #7 – Controlling The Control Panel!

WordPress Video Tutorial
In video seven we’ll discuss the ins and outs of the control panel including how to change the theme and where to go for help.

In addition, we’ll give a brief explanation of Fantastico and its many functions.

Video #8 – Creating Sub-Domains

WordPress Video Tutorial
Video eight will explain what a subdomain is and how to create them.

By the end of the video you’ll also know why they’re important for improving your ranking on search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Video #9 – Installing WordPress

WordPress Video Tutorial
In video nine we’ll go step by step through the process of installing wordpress on your blog automatically using Fantastico DeLuxe.

There are two ways of installing a blog, manually and with your cPanel. I’ll show you the easy way that won’t require you to use FTP!

Video #10 – Creating A Database

WordPress Video Tutorial
Video nine will walk you step by step through the database creation, which is the first step in the manual installation process of WordPress.

We’ll also discuss why it’s important to know how to do this in case your blog ever goes belly up. In addition, we’ll show you where to find important information about your database once it’s been installed.

Video #11 – Uploading Your Blog

WordPress Video Tutorial
With the database created in video ten we’ll then finish up the manual install in video eleven using your FTP client.

We’ll show you how to correct small errors that might come up during setup as well as show you how to change your username and password once it’s been installed.

Video #12 – Upgrading Your Blog

WordPress Video Tutorial
In video twelve we’ll show you how to upgrade your WordPress with the latest version either automatically or manually, though automatic installation is recommended.

Updating to the latest WordPress version is not as difficult as you may think, and can be done in literally seconds!

Video #13 – WordPress Plugins

WordPress Video Tutorial
In video thirteen you’ll be given a brief introduction into how plugins can be utilized to check your blog for security holes.

WordPress plugins are add-ons that enable to use additional features that were not included duing the basis install.

Watch this video and you’ll learn that you can customize your blog suited best to it’s purpose!

Video #14 – Protecting Your Blog With .htaccess!

WordPress Video Tutorial
Video fourteen is devoted solely to explaining how to protect the internal directories of your blog using an .htaccess file.

By protecting your sub-folders and directories you can avoid people stealing your products or getting access to a membership without paying.

Watch this video to ensure this never happens!

Video #15 – Protecting Your Login Page

WordPress Video Tutorial
Video fifteen will show you how to protect your login page from bots and hackers from carrying out a brute force attack on your account utilizing the login-lockdown plugin.

Again, if you’re planning to run a membership or sell a product online through your WordPress blog, you’ll need to ensure that no one can access the sensitive information that controls all your site’s features!

Video #16 – Plugins With RSS Updates

WordPress Video Tutorial
In video sixteen you’ll learn why it’s important to continually upgrade your WordPress version and plugins to ensure you’re fully protected from security risks.

You’ll also learn how to subscribe to plugin authors’ RSS feeds which will allow you to be notified immediately when a new version becomes available.

Video #17 – Backing Up Your Blog

WordPress Video Tutorial
Video seventeen will explain why doing regular backups can be a huge help if your wordpress security is breached.

We’ll also go briefly over the current programs that make the backup process quick and simple.

Video #18 – Protecting The wp-config.php File

WordPress Video Tutorial
If you’re utilizing an older version of WordPress then video eighteen will be very helpful as it shows you how to protect the wp-config.php file.

This isn’t a problem with newer versions as it’s already protected but you can still use the information in this video as an extra layer of security.

Video #19 – Using RoboForm

WordPress Video Tutorial
In video nineteen we’ll show you how to strengthen your initial login screen that gives access to dashboard.

We’ll go over a program called Roboform that enables you to generate and remember extremely complex passwords that are nearly impossible to crack using a brute force attack.

Also, we’ll show you how to add a new user and delete the “admin” user.

Video #20 – Limiting Access To Your Blog!

WordPress Video Tutorial
In video twenty we’ll discuss how you can make your blog so that no one can register for it, or if you do allow them to register only give them limited access.

In addition we’ll cover some free programs that allow you to make your blog membership only! Perfect if you’re planning to create a monthly subscription and need a platform to store and secure the information!

Video #21 – Cleaning Up Your Dashboard!

WordPress Video Tutorial
By the end of video twenty-one you’ll have learned how to clean up the dashboard area and customize it to your specific needs.

We’ll also go in detail into how to navigate the various aspects of dashboard so you’ll become proficient at performing most frequently needed tasks.

Video #22 – Installing WordPress Themes

WordPress Video Tutorial
Video twenty-two will give a brief introduction into browsing themes, adding and activating them, and then a brief intro into manually editing them.

WordPress themes can dramatically change the look and feel of your site with just a few clicks! Watch this video to see how quickly you can customize your blog no matter what you intent to do with it!

Video #23 – Installing WordPress Plugins

WordPress Video Tutorial
Video twenty-three gives a brief introduction into WordPress plugins, where to find them and how to install them.

We’ll also discuss the endless possibilities for plugins and how to go about editing them.

Video #24 – Installing Multiple Plugins!

WordPress Video Tutorial
By the end of video twenty-four you’ll know how to install multiple plugins at once using your FTP client.

In addition, we’ll show you what to do in the event that certain plugins aren’t compatible with each other.

Video #25 – How To Configure Askimet To Reduce Spam!

WordPress Video Tutorial
Video twenty-five explains how to configure the Akismet plugin to keep spamming to a minimum.

One of the great features about a blog is the having the ability to let others share their knowledge and opinions, whilst increasing the size of your site and page-rank and increasing your traffic!

However the down-side is that there are many programs and spam comments being sent to blogs. Watch this video to prevent this from happening to you!

Video #26 – How To Configure ‘All In One SEO’ For Top Rankings!

WordPress Video Tutorial
Video twenty-six explains how to configure All in One SEO, which will help make your blog more SEO friendly and ultimately result in higher search engine rankings.

Not many people touch this setting when they first create a blog, but you’ll already surpass them and get a head start with this video alone!

This one technique alone can have a dramatic affect on your searching engine traffic!

Video #27 – Improving Your SEO With A Free Plugin!

WordPress Video Tutorial
In video twenty-seven we’ll introduce you to a free program called Traffic Getting SEO Plug In, which is also very effective at improving the SEO of your blog.

Traffic is the life and blood of your online success and this freely available program will help you top the search engines so your hard work does not go to waste!

Video #28 – Installing A Contact Form!

WordPress Video Tutorial
Video twenty-eight explains how to install and configure a plugin called Contact Form.

From there you’ll be taken step by step through the process of creating a contact me page.

Having your own contact form makes you look more professional and can reduce the number of spam emails because you’re not revealing an email address!

Video #29 – Setting Up Google Analytics

WordPress Video Tutorial
Video twenty-nine will show you how to setup Google Analytics on your blog as well as walk you through many of its features.

Whenever you create a new site and start promoting it, you’ll want to know exactly where your traffic is coming from, how long your visitors are staying on your page and who’s buying and who’s leaving and why!

Watch this video and you’ll have answers to all these important questions!

Video #30 – How To Auto-Post Content!

WordPress Video Tutorial
In video thirty we’ll discuss autoposting plugins; what they are, where to find them, how to install them, and what they’re good for.

We’ll also introduce the concept of traffic generation centers.

The great thing about blogs is their ability to add more content with little hassle. This video will show you how to let your blog grow naturally through the eyes of the search engines by drip-feeding content on a daily basis!

Video #31 – Creating And Customizing Blog Posts

WordPress Video Tutorial
In this video we’ll take you step by step through several different ways of creating and customizing a new blog post.

You’ll learn to navigate the “add new post” tab as well as its many functions. We’ll also give you some tips for creating professional looking posts.

Creating an attractive post can make the difference between someone posting a comment and contributing and increasing the authority of your site and someone just glancing over your info!

Video #32 – Creating New Static Blog Pages

WordPress Video Tutorial
In video thirty-two you’ll learn how to create a new page on your blog as well as how to add any plugins you have installed to that particular page.

We’ll then discuss how to create a child page from a parent page.

If you plan to create a static blog site for selling or displaying content only, whilst maintaining the love that Google has for blogs, then this video is a must-see!

Video #33 – How To Administrate Your Blog

WordPress Video Tutorial
By the end of video thirty-three you’ll know how to add new users, give your blog a community feel, and receive feedback and promote discussion within your blog.

You’ll also learn to limit user roles with the subscriber, contributor, author, editor, and administrator settings, as well as see what your blog looks like internally from these various roles.

Video #34 – Understanding And Installing Widgets

WordPress Video Tutorial
In video thirty-four you’ll learn what a widget is as well as where to find them, how to install them, and what they can do for you and your readers.

We’ll also show you how to organize them on your pages.

Video #35 – Backing Up Blog With Free Software

WordPress Video Tutorial
Video thirty-five is dedicated solely to teaching you how to backup your blog, both your database and your files, utilizing totally free software.

You’ll be shown how to set the software up to backup your files automatically at whatever rate you desire.

We’ll also provide some useful tips that will come in handy in the event that your blog goes belly up and you’re forced to use your backup.

Video #36 – Creating A Sales Page On Your Blog

WordPress Video Tutorial
Video thirty-six is interesting in that we will show you how to create a sales page template while maintaining the elements of your blog.

We’ll share some useful tips that will allow you to bypass much complicated CSS coding and make the whole process quick and simple.

If the raw coding and CSS of a blog has always been a mystery for you, then you’ll really want to watch this video to finally understand what you need to be editing and why!

Video #37 – Creating Mini-Sites With WordPress

WordPress Video Tutorial
In video thirty-seven you’ll learn what a minisite is, how they can be useful, and how to go about using WordPress to create one.

Hosting a mini-site style website on top of a blog has it’s advantages and can lead to more traffic in the long term.

Video #38 – How To Create A Static Front Page

WordPress Video Tutorial
Video thirty-eight will show you how to create a static front page for your blog i.e. a sales page or a welcome page etc.

In addition, you’ll learn how to eliminate unlimited or unwanted tabs from your blog’s navigation bar.

Video #39 – How To Create Drop-Down Menus

WordPress Video Tutorial
Video thirty-nine will show you step by step how to create drop down boxes on your blog’s navigation bar.

It will also touch on parent and child pages as well as the exclude pages plugin.

Watch this video if you want to add a touch of class to your blog!

Video #40 – How To Add Streaming Videos To Your Blog!

WordPress Video Tutorial
By the end of video forty you’ll have been walked step by step through the process of finding, installing and using a plugin that allows you to stream videos on your blog.

We’ll also take you step by step through the process of adding your first video.

Video #41 – How To Customize Your Video Player – Part 1

WordPress Video Tutorial
In video forty-one I’ll show you how to customize the video player installed in the previous video.

By making your blog stand out from the rest you stand the best chance of getting the attention, traffic and buzz – so watch this video and have fun whilst you customize the player!

Video #42 – How To Customize Your Video Player – Part 2

WordPress Video Tutorial
Video forty-two will take you step by step through the process of adding streaming audio to your blog as well as a downloadable link that will enable your readers to download an mp3 and upload it directly to their mp3 player.

We will also share with you some tips on the types of files that will rank higher on the search engines as well as use up the least amount of bandwidth.

Video #43 – How To Customize Your Audio Player

WordPress Video Tutorial
Finally, in video forty-three you’ll learn how to completely customize the audio player installed in the last video.

We’ll also take you through the ins and outs of the endless possibilities of streaming audio on WordPress.