WordPress and Search Engines a Love Affair

WordPress is awesome because it's free, easy to use, has tons of themes and plugins. The list is endless of why WordPress is the perfect CMS (Content Management System) and perfect for your business website but one of the most beneficial aspects of WordPress is that search engines love … [Read more...]

WordPress Makes Branding Easy

There are numerous ways to grow and strengthen your brand, and using your WordPress website is a branding opportunity that you simply cannot afford to miss out on. Your Logo  Logos are an important factor in brand recognition and your website should display your logo prominently on every … [Read more...]

How to Make Your WordPress Website Faster

When it comes to your website, you must consider more than just design.  There are a number of factors that determine whether or not your site visitors will stay to explore, or be out in a flash.  One thing that can make or break your website’s success is the amount of time it takes for your pages … [Read more...]

3 Seconds to Make an Impression with Your Website

It goes without saying that your business needs a strong online presence to be successful and your website is integral to your online presence.  It’s not just enough to have an aesthetically pleasing website with good content.  Good design is more complex than that, and it can mean the difference … [Read more...]

Make Quality Content a Priority on Your Website

I'm sure you have heard the phrase, “Content is King.”  But how does that apply to YOU? When you have quality content on your website it keeps people coming back for more. Content that is informative, entertaining, and relevant to your visitors’ needs will keep them engaged on the page for … [Read more...]

Make WordPress SEO Friendly

One of the greatest benefits of using WordPress is that it is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ready. Search engine optimization is important in making your site as visible and relevant as possible to search engines making YOUR BUSINESS, YOUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES easier to find online. Here are … [Read more...]

Spice Up Your Out-Dated Website

There comes a time in every web designers life where you have a client that refuses to update their website. They come to you with a 90's website and ask you "How Can You Make This Better?" As a designer the only solution you see is to scrap it and start fresh. But wait... Here are 4 things you can … [Read more...]

Effective Web Design Navigation

One of the most important elements of website design is navigation. Navigation is just what it sounds like – how someone gets around on your website – and if your website navigation sucks - your website won't work the way it should. On average you a visitor will click 2-3 times to find … [Read more...]

WordPress and Social Media

People often ask me "I already have Facebook (or insert Social Media Channel here) why do I need a website? The simple answer is ownership. If any one of the social media platforms were to shut down tomorrow or even move to a paid platform what would you do? Your website should be your home … [Read more...]

5 Crucial Design Aspects Most Websites Are Missing

When people think of web design, they often think of things like graphics, page layout, and attention-grabbing fonts.  While these elements are certainly part of web design, the truth is that web design encompasses much more than just aesthetics.  Are you interested in learning more about what makes … [Read more...]