Video Marketing

Video Marketing Online viewers will watch just about everything they can find online, including videos that are funny, informative, instructional, opinionated and commercial, including videos that are advertisements. Now even small businesses with low marketing and advertising budgets can market … [Read more...]

Text Marketing

Text Message Marketing More companies today are jumping onto the text message train because it has so many benefits It’s fast. It allows you to target customers more effectively. It's more effective than email and more Learn how you can incorporate text messaging into your … [Read more...]

Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing In order for Pay Per Click marketing to be effective, it takes extensive keyword research, creating and recreating the perfect ad, and changing different ad strategies, using different PPC networks, and continuously tracking those results. Learn how to incorporate PPC … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Everyone and their brother are using social media to connect with others and discover new and interesting things. Increases customer trust and loyalty. Raises brand awareness. Increases customer interaction. and more Learn how to incorporate Social Media into your … [Read more...]

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management Online Reputation Management primarily involves tracking what is written about you on the Internet, and promoting positive and neutral content. Learn how to protect your brand online with ORM.       Online Reputation Management Tutorial FREE … [Read more...]

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Website Having a mobile website isn’t just a good suggestion for business owners today; it’s a must unless your goal is to lose customers by the day. In the last few years, mobile search increased by 400%. (Google) By the end of 2014 mobile devices will outnumber desktop computers. Many … [Read more...]

Local SEO Marketing

Local Search Engine Optimization Marketing Learn how to use targeted keywords, social bookmarking, press releases and more to get local customers to find you. 97% of consumers use search engine before purchasing.       Local SEO Marketing Tutorial FREE with Search Engine … [Read more...]

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing The biggest mistake small business owners make with LinkedIn is that they ignore it. LinkedIn will help you connect with business partners, clients, potential employees (recruiting) and service providers.       LinkedIn Marketing Tutorial FREE with … [Read more...]

Google+ Marketing

Google Plus Local Marketing Google+ Local offers businesses a great way to advertise to their clients. Google+ helps you get found online easily and provides quick details about your business such as a link to your website, operating hours, payment methods, services you offer and more. It also … [Read more...]

Foursquare Marketing

Foursquare Marketing Get customers to check in when they visit your store to spread the word about your business and gain new customers. Foursquare is a must for location based businesses. Learn how to use Foursquare to market your business online.       Foursquare … [Read more...]