WordPress and Search Engines a Love Affair

wordpress and search engines

WordPress is awesome because it’s free, easy to use, has tons of themes and plugins. The list is endless of why WordPress is the perfect CMS (Content Management System) and perfect for your business website but one of the most beneficial aspects of WordPress is that search engines love WordPress.

Search engines index WordPress websites more easily, making it one of the top platforms for business websites.

  • Content Management System (CMS) WordPress is makes it easy to update, change, add, and edit content at any time without relying on a web developer to help. Businesses can quickly and easily add new content on a regular basis which search engines love.
  • Permalinks WordPress allows you to create permalinks for each blog post and page you create. This is a great opportunity to create keyword rich url for each post.
    permalink in post
  • Categories & Tags To be able to categorize each blog post makes it easy for visitors to find specific information without having to browse through unorganized content and is great for rankings because it helps search engines index your site. Keep in mind that it’s always a good idea to name each category with the correct keyword so that it will be easier to index.In addition to creating categories you can also tag your blog posts. A tag is a keyword or set of keywords placed at the bottom of each post or page you create. Tags are beneficial because you can create specific words that relate to your content and go deeper than categories, making it much easier for search engines to pick up your website.
  • Interlinking WordPress has built-in features makes it easy to interlink and allows you to interlink as many times as you want. Internal linking helps people find your quality content and search engines index your website faster and boost it in search results. Interlinking is an awesome way for optimizing your keywords.
  • SEO Plugins There are several SEO-related plugins that work well with search engines enable you use to use keywords to swiftly index your website.

WordPress allows you to easily create new keyword rich content which search engines love and With permalinks, categories, tags, and interlinking WordPress allows the search engines to index your site faster including new content. I’ve seen blog posts listed within 24 hours using WordPress.

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A Guide to Hiring a Web Desiger
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