How to Make Your WordPress Website Faster

Make WordPress Faster

When it comes to your website, you must consider more than just design.  There are a number of factors that determine whether or not your site visitors will stay to explore, or be out in a flash.  One thing that can make or break your website’s success is the amount of time it takes for your pages to load.  After all, web surfers are a finicky bunch; they lose interest quickly if they can’t move around your site quickly and efficiently.

Speed is very important since you only have 3 seconds to make an impression online. If you only have 3 seconds for your website to make an impression you have to make sure that speed is not a factor in making visitors leave.

Bulky coding slows down loading speed because browsers must read through everything as they load your pages.  Removing unused plugins, and minimizing the amount of plugins you use help. Also compressing JavaScript and CSS files goes a long way. Using a clean themes from StudioPress also minimizes coding.

Enable Caching  PHP caching will store images and other vital information from your site on visitors’ computers when it is downloaded the first time, so that your site visitors can subsequently retrieve that data in the blink of an eye. Use W3 Total Cache plugin to enable caching on your WordPress website.

Optimize Your Images  Images take much longer to load than text, so you should be strategic about how you use them.

  • Do you really need to use an image on this page? Do you need more than one image on the page?
  • Scale the images down if you can (as smaller images will load faster than larger images) before you load. Try not to load directly from your camera or smartphone – scale images first.

Optimize Your Database  There are numerous ways you can optimize your database to decrease your site’s load times.  If you notice your website is sluggish use the WP Optimize plugin to optimize your database.

Not only do slow loading websites drive away traffic but also website speed is one of more than 200 signals Google uses to determine search rankings.

Make speed of your WordPress website a priority in using your website for SEO and to generate leads.

Does your website load in 3 seconds?

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