Complete List of Search Engine Optimization Terms You Must Know

Complete List of SEO Terms

Search engine optimization is a complex process.  The SEO lingo may seem like a new language. These are terms that will help you become more familiar with SEO.

Keywords  Terms or phrases that people use when using a search engine to find what they are looking for on the Internet, usually comprised of two or more words.

Links  URLs that web surfers may click on to be delivered to a website or page.

Link Building  The process of inserting links in strategic places throughout the Internet, in order to attract more inbound traffic.

Pagerank (PR)  Google’s system of rating a web page’s relevance, on a scale of 0 to 1.

Search Engines  Sites that aggregate all of the information on the web and make it readily available to web users by way of a search feature.  Google is the world’s most used search engine.

Search Engine Crawler  Search Engines use these “crawlers” (bot) to browse your website and index them for search. It enable Search Engines to review your web content for ranking as well. Also called spiders.

Search Engine Results Page (SERP).  A list of websites, in order of importance (in relation to popularity, relevance, etc.), that search engines like Google provide in response to a user keyword search.

SEO Copywriting.  Web content that is optimized for search engines to increase the ranking of its associated website.  SEO copywriting is unique, original, high-quality, and infused with relevant keywords.

Traffic  A metric that indicates the number of site visitors a website encounters in a given period of time.

Analytics There are programs that measure your website’s activity and provide feedback on that activity. Analytics programs are used to track the effectiveness of SEO strategy efforts and changes.

Metrics Measurements provided by analytics programs. When it comes to SEO, useful metrics include site traffic, visitor engagement, click-throughs (from inbound links), and customer conversions.

If you are optimizing your website for SEO you must be familiar with these terms and how they impact your SEO campaigns.

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