Blogging for Promotion

blogging promotion

In addition to providing new quality content that attracts visitors you can also use your blog for promotion.

Your blog is the perfect place for

  • news
  • updates
  • promotions
  • and more.

News Let people know what’s new in your business through your blog. Do you have a new hire? New product or service? (A blog is a great platform to create product launches.) New awards or recognition? Has someone been promoted lately?

Updates If you have updated a product or service offering, what better place to announce it.

Promotions You can announce promotions on your blog or run online only promotions via your blog. Ensure that your blog is part of your marketing campaign communications.

Another great way to use your blog for promotion by subtlety creating blog posts around your products and services.

  • How to (use your products, maintain your products)
  • Product instructions
  • Create blog post that answer customers’ questions about your products and services.
  • Review products
  • Link to products and services

Start incorporating promotions into your blog with news, updates, and product information.

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